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June 1994

Capn's Log


There follows here a faithful unexpurgated reproduction of the Capn's Log from a houseboat trip taken on Lake La Ronge, Saskatchewan, in June of 1994.

It is a sordid story, full of adventure and heartbreak and indomitable courage.

The log itself was left on the galley table, and all hands had access to the log at all times in which to record their views of the trip as it progressed.

The entries are anonymous.

It is up to you to decide who wrote what.

The log makes mention of a previous trip in 1993, also adventurous but free of the calamities that marked the latter voyage.

Unfortunately, no printed record exists of this previous trip.

However, photographs do remain, and a link to the 1993 pictures is provided along with more pictures of the 1994 trip.

This website is dedicated to the valiant men - captain and crew - of the ill-fated Fishin Magician and her sister ship, the Trapper I.

The Capn's Log is a story of heroes.

History demands that it be told.

June 5, 1994:     Day 1
Lost At Sea

P - the Blue Peter - all aboard, vessel is about to proceed sea
Marine signal flag - the Blue Peter: "all aboard, vessel is about to proceed sea"
June 5: Day One

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