June 6: Trek to Thomas Lake

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D-Day - we're on the beach. Breakfast over; bacon, eggs & hash brown - Murray and Ed have done another great job.

Noted by all that we don't have a bitchy dishwasher this year.

I caught a two pounder on my little Mac. Headed for Thomas Lake. Good group! Mike snored last night. Murray has to finish the game. I think we have a gear problem! we'll see. Derek and Mike did dishes well. The sun is shining - great day!

Cap'n Eddy at the controls. Heading northeast - lost again??

Cap'n at the helm

10:22 "We're not lost. Just a mite confused" - Pete Ross, E.D.

E.D. directs I.A. 10:32 Mikey and Internal Avenue misdirected ship while Cap'n Eddy inndispose - headed South, when shudda bin north - had to turn around - lost two hours of fishing time - severe reprimands issued by guide E.D. Ross.

This is the last time I hire white guides!

10:38 Great peace reigns - Derek the Elder reading deeply - E.D. Ross checking plumbing - the others seeking ways (successfully) to misdirect boat again.

10:42 The migration is heading north. The ship is heading south!! Who is wrong?? Them!!

11:01 Finally - arrived at Pothole Bay.

11:21 Ed is whining!

11:26 He whined again!!

11:28 Pete generous - didn't count crib.

1300 - Sent out scouts - no trail found yet. Now we COULD walk across either by following the creek or by shooting compass cross-country. Either way, we would find Thomas Lake. But there is nothing resembling a portage that I would want to haul either a canoe OR a motor thru. Pete will go look later.

13:37 E.D. Ross crapped out - making serious noises easily recognized by the Internal Avenue as noises coming forth last night.

The Executive Director at rest

Mikey with Thomas Lake catch 13:12 Three white guys bravely set forth without guide to explore Thomas Lake, via uncharted (undiscovered) trail - as supposedly indicated by sleeping guide. Mikey took lead with axe, charging through dense bush, slashing and marking a trail toward Thomas Lake. I.A. (Internal Avenue) and the Cap'n walking easily behind carrying everything - nearing exhaustion, Mikey and I.A. stumbled across a game trail, unknowingly. The Cap'n, being more responsible and insightful, called the trail to their attention, whereupon the gallant crew bravely walked onward, and eventually discovered "THE TRAIL" . . . ah, such delight, confidence in guide somewhat reconfirmed - arrived at Thomas Lake - collapsed against tree - considered strategy - with some speculation re: sanity of I.A. - who proposed going out against massive waves, in a canoe with only a broken paddle. Mikey to the rescue - cut 2 long poles to propel canoe - launched canoe I.A. & Mikey in stern and midship Cap'n in prow with paddle - they dragged poles, Cap'n paddled valiantly, finally arriving at nice dry rock - proceeded to fish - Cap'n using big hook flogging water on both sides where others fished, resulting in them successfully landing 4 pickerel and 1 slough shark . . . oh joy! The Cap'n again succeeds in ensuring happiness for minions.

16:54: Began trek to houseboat - delighted with trail - Mikey and I.A. proudly trekking forward through bog, swamp, over rocks, through dense bush, valiantly followed by the Cap'n loaded down with other gear.

17:14 Arrived at houseboat - fish intact - spirits high - energy low - smell overpowering.

18:59 Mikey and I.A. sufficiently revived begin dissection - Dered the Elder had shower smells nice!

Suggested Derek sleep lightly as was the only good smelling thing around.

19:47 Dissection completed - much whining and agony expressed.

The Dissection begins

20:13 Preparation of fish ala Mikey begun - cooking by Ed, instructions by Mikey - assisted by Derek - excellent!

After dining and clean-up, Mikey provided selected readings by Patrick McManus - stories on fishing - his pig "pony" and "snake". A final four-handed crib game for Pete's gratification.

It's very late. 11:30, and the crew is bitter. Murray said "There's got to be an easier way of doing this. Goddam." while he was unfolding his bed.

11:40 We are going to sleep. Everyone is bitching. Mike snores.

11:45 Mike is bitching about a sore shoulder - happy day! Right shoulder - Murray is taller than Mike so all the slime ran down hill - on Mike. Hope he showers tomorrow. I promise not to get up at 6:00 a.m.

June 5: Day One
June 7, 1994:     Day 3
Iggle Island; Return to Thomas Lake

V - I require assistance (not distress)
Marine signal flag: "I require assistance (not distress)"
June 7: Day Three

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