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April, 2016

April 30, 2016
5:36 pm CST

Unscheduled Musical Interlude

April 29, 2016
6:19 pm CST

Welcome to the weekend, kiddies!

Okay. That's enough. We're done for the week. It's all you now.

April 28, 2016
5:56 pm CST

History of the blues

April 28, 2016
4:16 pm CST

Ask your boy

April 26, 2016
4:54 pm CST

Fair Comment

April 26, 2016
4:00 pm CST

Player Two

April 25, 2016
9:39 am CST

Melfort girl

More here: A weekend of cowboy boots and music salutes

April 24, 2016
5:00 pm CST

Unscheduled Musical Interlude

April 24, 2016
10:47 am CST

Wait a second

April 23, 2016
6:06 pm CST


April 23, 2016
6:02 pm CST

No Smoking

April 23, 2016
5:46 pm CST

April 23, 2016
5:30 pm CST

"My prayers are with Queen Elizabeth and her family at this difficult time ..."

WASHINGTON - Sarah Palin tweets condolences following death of Prince.

- from The Lapine.

April 23, 2016
9:40 am CST

Thanks, Gary!

April 22, 2016
4:37 pm CST

The Ganzfeld Effect

DO try this at home!

April 22, 2016
3:14 pm CST

Welcome to the weekend, kiddies

Take a few minutes to remember Prince. Watch for him at 3 minutes 30 seconds.

Then, wow.

April 21, 2016
1:38 pm CST

There are no mistakes, just chances to improvise

April 20, 2016
7:33 pm CST

The ugly truth of war

April 20, 2016
6:40 pm CST

April 20, 2016
9:34 am CST

This ...

... and THIS: The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People In North America

April 19, 2016
6:53 pm CST

Tweet Of The Day

"The brutal tools of control used initially in distant parts of the empire - in our case militarized police, drones, suspension of civil liberties, wholesale
surveillance and mass incarceration - migrated back to the homeland. This is how most empires die. They commit suicide."

April 19, 2016
5:52 pm CST

An Open Letter To My Friend

On Socks

I used to steal my old man's socks. He must have known, but he never said anything.

I think my feet eat socks. And since darning is a thing of the past, whenever I find the inevitable holes, the socks are consigned to the garbage bin.

Every now and then, when my supply dwindles, I put them on my list for my next trip into The Big City of Melfort.

Last week I stopped in at The Bargain Store! - my go-to source of socks and blue jeans - and picked up a couple of packs.

(Little Miss Higgins knows Bargains!)


Yesterday I cracked open the first pack, withdrew a pair and put them on.

Outraged, Ted. Betrayed and OUTRAGED!

I'm not sure what they are called. Anklets? Ankle-less? Short Socks? The goddam things don't even cover my ankles, let alone hook up to my long johns!


In whose world could this be considered a good thing?

The sock manufacturers world, maybe, who can turn out a sock using half the material and can foist it on the fashion-conscious (read "idiot") consumer. And anyway, IS this the fashion? For women, maybe. This I could understand. Apologies to my feminist sisters. But for men, I can see this as nothing more than a devious premeditated ripoff. And the packaging contributed to the scam, Ted. There was NO way to see the shortness of the bastards until you opened the cardboard packaging. So help me, I'm going to start looking for a store that will allow me to try socks on prior to purchase. Like shoe stores do with their product. Decent, honest, principled shoe stores.

They don't feel right, Ted. I am wearing them right now and they do NOT feel right. And I'm not sure I can abide them long enough for my feet to eat them. Dad would have hated them.

Kills me to have to do it, but these bastards are headed for the landfill.

Lesson learned.

Thanks for listening.


Pissed Off In Gronlid

April 19, 2016
8:48 am CST


More HERE: The Controversial History of Letterboxing For Movies On Your TV

April 18, 2016
5:08 pm CST

Full screen. Turn up the volume.

High Velocity Aerial Filming from Peter Degerfeldt Blue Sky Aerial on Vimeo.

April 17, 2016
1:15 pm CST

Rick's Rant

April 16, 2016
4:29 pm CST

Thank you, Cliff Claven

Actually, the term "cutlery" only refers to the knives.

Forks and spoons are "pokelery" and "scooplery".

You're welcome.

April 16, 2016
3:12 pm CST

Just because you believe in it

April 16, 2016
9:25 am CST

H/T Trapped in a Whirlpool

April 15, 2016
6:02 pm CST

April 15, 2016
5:51 pm CST

Welcome to the weekend, kiddies

Go get 'em.

April 15, 2016
12:06 pm CST

Animal Courtships Performed by Humans

April 15, 2016
8:20 am CST

Girl on an Escalator by Charles Bukowski

April 14, 2016
6:32 pm CST

April 14, 2016
10:41 am CST

"We did not ask for this room or this music; we were invited in.
Therefore, because the dark surrounds us,
Let us turn our faces toward the light.
Let us endure hardship to be grateful for plenty.
We have been given pain to be astounded by joy.
We have been given life to deny death.
We did not ask for this room or this music.
But because we are here, let us dance."

- Stephen King, 11.22.63

April 13, 2016
12:21 pm CST

April 12, 2016
11:28 am CST

April 11, 2016
4:29 pm CST

Welcome (BACK!) to the Dead Dog Cafe

Season 1, Episode 1

Stay calm. Be brave. Wait for the signs.

April 11, 2016
3:19 pm CST


"Where do you begin telling someone their world is not the only one?"

- Lee Maracle, Ravensong

April 2, 2016
9:51 am CST

Spanish Civil War (July 17, 1936 to April 1, 1939)


With a tip o' the hat to Lord Vanscoy

April 1, 2016
7:17 pm CST

Mouse Rescue

April 1, 2016
7:03 pm CST

April 1, 2016
5:21 pm CST

Welcome to the weekend, kiddies

April 1, 2016
4:18 pm CST

So Do You See A Bear Or Do You See A Duck?

April 1, 2016
3:57 pm CST

Karma defined

April 1, 2016
3:07 pm CST

Tweet Of The Day

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