Vegas Minitruck Mullet

Vegas minitruck mullet: thought to be extinct in the early nineties

Vegas Mullet Summary and Statistics
- extremely vocal and chatty
- king of the one-liner who can never be outdone, especially when confronted by Canadians
- unlit cigarette constantly in hand provided an atmosphere of uncertainty
- typical sweater-over-sweater-over-turtleneck-tight bluejeans fashon sensibilities all appear to be clean and doused with fake Drakkar
- glasses on forehead remain on the eyebrows as to preserve his copper/gold masterpiece
- the ultimate irony - the loser "L" signal slipped in just as shot was taken . . . that sly devil
- despite friendly, snappy one-liners, there was a definite underlying angry defensiveness which gave the encounter and edge. I peed myself.
- faux(?) gold chain -- good form/shape/size, presented proudly and defiantly upon chest
- molester moustache (not to be confused with trash 'stache) -- well kempt

note: mullitia documents must be updated. This species seems to be making a comeback. Unsubstantiated sightings in Nebraska, northeast Florida, and Tennessee. Reliable mullitia sources have concluded the migratory patterns of this particular species point to an undisclosed location in New Jersey - possibly to return to their homeland (Wildwood is suspected, but more studies are needed for subsantiation).


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